Common Diseases in UK trees

Below are listed some of the most common tree diseases and pests currently in the UK:

  • Acute oak decline Found in oaks in the south and eastern parts of England , discoloration on bark and ‘D’ shape exit holes from oak jewel beetle, can mean rapid decline of tree.

  • Chalara dieback of ash Often younger trees are affected can be spotted by dead tips and dieback in the crown of tree , ends of branches.

  • Chestnut blight discoloration of leaves and peeling of bark on chestnut trees

  • Dothistroma needle blight Found on Scots pines spotted by discoloration on needles

  • Dutch elm disease Common across England and most elm trees , flaking of bark and dieback of tree crown Phytophthora

  • There are different variations of this disease ,discoloration can be found of conifers and other evergreens Asian longhorn beetle

  • Can affect a number of tree species serious problem across the UK holes around 10mm diameter can be found in trunk and branches

  • Horse chestnut leaf minor A pest that lays its eggs on horse chestnut leaves causing discoloration of leaves. A BIG problem in the UK

The above are just a small number of the pests and diseases currently in the UK if you are unsure about your tree you can find some pictures online or feel free to contact us for questions and queries.


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